September 24, 2006

Tonight's Top Ten List

Posted in wet shaving at 4:30 pm by berzerkeleyan

My Top Ten Shaving Creams:

  1. Musgo Real — to my face and olfactory bulb, this has the best combination of latherability, lubricity, and smell. It leaves my face so smooth afterwards, that there’s really no need for any aftershave balm. The best of the best.
  2. The Body Shop — it’s got a light cologne-like aroma, so it’s not my favorite scent. But my face feels so good afterwards that I have to put this one at number two.
  3. Proraso — this one’s all about the slickness, and the cool rush when washing it off after the shave. It’s an excellent summertime cream.
  4. Taylor of Old Bond Street Avocado — this smells like Williams-Sonoma Basil soap, so it’s a very clean scent. And it’s quite slick from the avocado oil.
  5. Nancy Boy — a top cream by many. It’s good, no doubt about it.
  6. Taylor of Old Bond Street Lavender — one of my favorite smells of the bunch.
  7. Crabtree & Evelyn Almond — this smells like bug spray to me. But it lathers and conditions my skin really well.
  8. Tom’s of Maine Mint — true to the manufacturer’s credo, there are no artificial ingredients here. Just lots of natural oils and goodness.
  9. Taylor of Old Bond Street Eton College — the first upper echelon cream I ever purchased. It’s no longer in heavy rotation, though I still like the scent.
  10. Geo F. Trumper Violet — the fragrance is pleasant enough. But this one isn’t as slick as the rest, and leaves my face kinda dry afterwards.

This list will, no doubt, continually change, as I try new creams and the weather changes. But after a couple of months of full-bore wet shaving, this is the order.

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  1. […] Omega Eucalyptus Shaving Cream — I had read that Omega’s shaving cream was identical to Proraso Eucalyptus Shaving Cream. I liked the look of the tube when I saw it online, so I bought one. Well, it’s not the same formulation as Proraso. It’s better. Why? Because in addition to all the goodies (eucalyptus oil, coconut oil, glycerin, menthol), it also contains lanolin. Lanolin is one of the key ingredients in Musgo Real — my favorite shaving cream. I don’t know how much lanolin is included in Omega, but I don’t care. Whether measurable, or purely in my head, Omega feels slicker and smoother than Proraso. Musgo is still my favorite, but that’s probably because I like the smell more. […]

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