September 25, 2006

Phoenix — Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR

Posted in concerts, music at 11:20 pm by berzerkeleyan

The set:

  1. Napolean Says
  2. Long Distance Call
  3. Run Run Run
  4. Consolation Prizes
  5. Rally
  6. Lost & Found
  7. Courtesy Laughs
  8. I’m An Actor
  9. Everything is Everything
  10. North
  11. Sometimes in the Fall
  12. If I Ever Feel Better
  13. Funky Squaredance


  1. Too Young
  2. Second to None

This was a great concert, for several reasons:

  1. This is one of my favorite current bands. I’ve been dying to see them for over six years. They would have had to have played two songs, spit on us, call us Dirty Americans, and walk out before I thought it was a bad concert. And even then I would have considered it “an artistic statement.”
  2. The venue was small, made even smaller by the low turnout. Maybe three hundred people showed up. I like intimate settings for shows. Plus, we were an enthusiastic bunch.
  3. They were tight tight TIGHT! Solid musicians.
  4. They clearly enjoyed playing for us, and with each other.

As sunny and easy going as their music is, they had us jumping around like dogs begging for snasauges. Even an old man like me was clappin’ like a fool. And I don’t normally do the group participation thing.

I regret not having enough money to get a shirt (too many vodka tonics; gosh that cute bartender made them strong). Now all the kids won’t know how cool I am. :(


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