October 23, 2006

Musical Rotation — 16 Oct

Posted in music at 1:25 am by berzerkeleyan

For the week:

George Michael “Older” (1996) — one of my favorite voices in recent memory (don’t worry, Kelly — you’re still the best at the moment). This is G. Michael’s crowning achievement. Torch songs, and much pain aplenty here. I can’t believe it’s ten years old.
Brendan Benson “The Alternative to Love” (2005)
The Arcade Fire “Funeral” (2004) — Over the past couple of years I, like most young Americans now, have slowly begun tuning in to the burgeoning Canadian indie music scene (sorry guys, Rush doesn’t count). The Dears, Stars, Metric, and of course The Stills have put out some of the best music of the past few years. But The Arcade Fire, along with Broken Social Scene, are the critical darlings of the bunch. After giving it a couple of listens this week, it is certainly one of the more original albums I’ve heard this year. Not bad, so far.
The Killers “Hot Fuss” (2004)
Scissor Sisters “Ta-Dah!” (2006)
The Raconteurs “Broken Boy Soldiers” (2006) — this is good, straight up pop rock. However, I prefer Brendan Benson’s solo material more.
Editors “The Back Room” (2005)
Snow Patrol “Eyes Open” (2006)
Spoon “Gimme Fiction” (2005)
Stereophonics “Language.Sex.Violence.Other?” (2005)
Juan Luis Guerra y 440 “Bachata Rosa” (1990)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “B.R.M.C.” (2000)
Elbow “Leaders of the Free World” (2005)
Kaiser Chiefs “Employment” (2005)
The American Analog Set “Know By Heart” (2001)
Cantinero “Championship Boxing” (2004) — I’ve seen this in bargain bins for $0.99. That causes me to both shake my head in disbelief, and bring a cat-that-ate-the-canary smile to my face. This is a great album, and part of me is glad that I get to keep it as one of my many little secrets.
Keane “Under the Iron Sea” (2006)

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