November 19, 2006

Musical Rotation — 13 Nov

Posted in music at 6:05 pm by berzerkeleyan

For the week:

Mindy Smith “One Moment More” (2004)
Muse “Absolution” (2003)
Shedseven “Going For Gold: Greatest Hits” (1997)
Brendan Benson “The Alternative to Love” (2005)
Travis “The Man Who” (1999) — I miss this band. They don’t get their due as being one of the pioneers of Schlock Rock. It’s always “Coldplay this,” and “Coldplay that.” Without Travis, there would be no Coldplay, no Keane, no Snow Patrol, no Elbow. Their next album isn’t slated for release until early next year, and I can’t wait.
Turin Brakes “Jackinabox” (2005) — “Jackinabox” has supplanted “Ether Song” as my favorite Turin Brakes album. This one sounds as if it was effortless for them to make. It causes you to relax all the more as you listen to it. The second I start my next vacation, this will be the first album I play.
Nickel Creek “Why Should the Fire Die?” (2005) — what’s this? Nickel Creek already has a Greatest Hits album? I hate bands that come out with a Greatest Hit albums after just a couple of successful singles. What’s up with that?? Some of my favorite bands have done just such a thing, including this one, I guess.
turns out, Nickel Creek is indeed on hiatus, which is a nice way of saying that they’re breaking up. A real shame.
Josh Rouse “1972” (2003)
Built to Spill “Keep It Like a Secret” (1999)

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