December 31, 2006

Musical Rotation — 25 Dec

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For the last week of the year:

Interpol “Turn On The Bright Lights” (2002)
Cosmic Rough Riders “Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine” (2000)
I Am Kloot “Natural History” (2001)
Josh Rouse “Nashville” (2004)
Elbow “Leaders Of The Free World” (2005)
Rooney “Rooney” (2003)
Stereophonics “Language Sex Violence Other” (2005)
Cantinero “Championship Boxing” (2004)
Shedseven “Going For Gold” (1997)
Keane “Under The Iron Sea” (2006)
Josh Rouse “1972” (2003)
Magnet “The Tourniquet” (2005)
Hall & Oates “Greatest Hits Rock ‘n Soul Part 1” (1983)
Collective Soul “Dosage” (1999)
Explosions In The Sky “The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place” (2003)
Squeeze “Cool for Cats” (1979)
Squeeze “Argybargy” (1980)
Squeeze “East Side Story” (1981)
Squeeze “Sweets From A Stranger” (1982)
Squeeze “Babylon And On” (1987) — I went on a Squeeze tear yesterday. An excellent, unheralded band.

December 25, 2006

Musical Rotation — 18 Dec

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For the week:

Boston “Boston” (1976) — a friend of mine gave me the first two Boston albums as a gift, so I’ve been listening to them a lot lately. For anyone who was alive when these came out, they are quintessential 70’s albums. Timeless, but not dated. If you don’t have either album, get them.
Suede “Dog Man Star” (1994)
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions “Rattlesnakes” (1984)
Arctic Monkeys “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” (2006)
Hot Chip “The Warning” (2006)
Coldplay “X&Y” (2005)
Reindeer Section “Son of Evil Reindeer” (2002) — if you like Snow Patrol, you like Gary Lightbody. If you like Gary Lightbody, you have to like Reindeer Section.

Snow Patrol = Gary Lightbody = Reindeer Section

It’s called the transitive property. Look it up. ;)

Phoenix “It’s Never Been Like That” (2006) — definitely my favorite album this year. I bounce everytime I hear it.
Keane “Under The Iron Sea” (2006)
Interpol “Turn On The Bright Lights” (2002)

December 17, 2006

Musical Rotation — 11 Dec

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For the week:

Boston “Don’t Look Back” (1978)
Stereophonics “Just Enough Education To Perform” (2001)
The Flaming Lips “The Soft Bulletin” (1999)
The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds” (1966)
David Bowie “Changesbowie” (1990)
Phoenix “It’s Never Been Like That” (2006)
Snow Patrol “Eyes Open” (2006)
Wu-Tang Clan “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)” (1993)
Phoenix “Alphabetical” (2004)
Damien Rice “O” (2003)
Spoon “Gimme Fiction” (2005)
DEVO “Freedom Of Choice” (1980)
Rooney “Rooney” (2003) — where has this band gotten to? A quick look at their website shows that their second album was supposed to be released this past Fall. I guess their website needs an update.

December 10, 2006

Musical Rotation — 4 Dec

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For the week:

Jeff Buckley “Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk” (1998)
Air “10,000 Hz Legend” (2001)
David Gray “White Ladder” (2000)
Magnet “The Tourniquet” (2005)
“Singles” Soundtrack (1992)
Travis “b-sides” (2000) — this is my own compilation of a bunch of Travis b-sides from EPs. Good stuff.
Chris Bell “I Am the Cosmos” (1974)
Joni Mitchell “Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter” (1977)

December 3, 2006

Musical Rotation — 27 Nov

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For the week:

Turin Brakes “The Optimist LP” (2001)— …thinking…
Turin Brakes “Ether Song” (2003)— …thinking…
Turin Brakes “JackInABox” (2005)— yup, this is my favorite Turin Brakes album.
Built To Spill “Keep It Like A Secret” (1999)
Pet Shop Boys “Please” (1986)
Mew “And The Glass Handed Kites” (2005) — I’m having a hard time coming up with words to describe this album. It’s really bizarre, so it’s hard to classify. But I like it quite a bit.
Razorlight “Razorlight” (2006)
Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins “Rabbit Fur Coat” (2005)
Asia “Asia” (1982) — I just recently got this. I listened to it no less than four times this week. I thought it’d be dated, but it isn’t. My early 80’s jones has been sated.
Magnet “The Tourniquet” (2005)