April 7, 2007

The Portland Japanese Garden

Posted in portland at 5:10 pm by berzerkeleyan

Portland Japanese Garden I

I’ve been in Portland now exactly one year. So far, the move’s been a great decision. If I had to change one thing this year, though, it would have been to get out more. This city (like most, mind you) has some wonderful treasures tucked away for one to stumble upon. When I was perusing Google Earth the other day, I saw that the city has its very own Japanese Garden. Apparently, it’s one of the few authentic JGs outside of Japan. Up in the hills, it’s a seven minute drive away, and the perfect respite from all the construction going on around my apartment.

It’s got five different styles of Japanese gardens, including a couple of stone gardens. There are gardens with ponds, some with koi (natch). It’s also got a killer view of Mt. Hood. I was there two hours, and would’ve stayed longer if I could’ve. What I liked most was how green it was (duh). I’m sure it’s even more vibrantly green when it rains, so I’ll be sure to go again during a damp day.

Here are three more shots. If you want to find out more, go here.

Portland Japanes Garden II

Portland Japanese Garden IV

Portland Japanese Garden III

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