April 8, 2007

Music Rotation — 2 Apr

Posted in baseball, music at 2:50 pm by berzerkeleyan

This week was the start of the 2007 Major League Baseball season. I decided to break the piggy bank and purchase the online MLB.TV Premium Package. For the entire season, I’ll have the luxury of watching almost any game I want over the internet. Although it’s been available for a couple of years, I decided to wait until the bugs had been sorted out before trying it out. So far, I’ve been very impressed. The picture is big, crisp, and smooth. I haven’t run into any problems, other than a few blackouts for nationally televised games. Now, instead of just listening to my beloved Dodgers every night, I can listen and watch them play.

I therefore spent the entire week watching and listening to as many baseball games as possible. Dodgers, A’s, Mariners, Mets, and some Yankees games were consumed. That left me with little time to listen to music. But here’s what I did hear:

Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here” (1975)
Belle & Sebastian “The Life Pursuit” (2006)
The Stills “Logic Will Break Your Heart” (2003)
Kasabian “Empire” (2006)