April 22, 2007

Music Rotation — 16 Apr

Posted in music at 3:49 pm by berzerkeleyan

The Feeling “Twelve Stops and Home” (2007) — an album hasn’t caught on with me this quickly in a long time. In one week, I’ve listened to it six times already. This is full of incredibly sunny, addictive, and hook-filled tunes. It might fizzle as quickly as it’s come on, but for now it’s in very heavy rotation. If you’re a fan of bands like Phoenix, Coldplay, and The Delays, get this.
I Am Kloot “Natural History” (2001)
Joseph Arthur “Nuclear Daydream” (2006)
What Made Milwaukee Famous “Trying To Never Catch Up” (2006)
Paul Weller “Stanley Road” (1995)
“The Big Easy” Soundtrack (1987)
Dr. Dre “The Chronic” (1992)
Feeder “Comfort In Sound” (2003)
Hall & Oates “Greatest Hits Rock ‘n Soul Part 1” (1983)
Cantinero “Championship Boxing” (2004)
Kiss “Dynasty” (1979)

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