July 15, 2007

Music Rotation — 9 Jul

Posted in music at 7:21 pm by berzerkeleyan

This week:

Gene Harris “Gene Harris At Maybeck” (1992)genre: Jazz.
Genesis “Invisible Touch” (1986)genre: 80’s Pop.
Duran Duran “Seven And The Ragged Tiger” (1983)genre: New Romantic. Y’know, there was a time in my life when I actually stayed awake debating to myself which Duran Duran album was their best (it was “Rio” back then; now it’s this one). I wish life were still that care-free.
Lush “Split” (1993)genre: Shoegazer/Angry Grrl. Still frighteningly good.
Engineers “Engineers” (2005)genre: British Bliss-Out. This isn’t awful, but it’s not awe-inspiring, either. The sound is interesting, though. It’s somewhere between Embrace and Cocteau Twins.
Kiss “Unmasked” (1980)genre: Rock.
Gorillaz “Demon Days” (2005)genre: Cartoon Club Music.
The Arcade Fire “Neon Bible” (2007)genre: Indie Chamber Rock. This sophomore set is, to me, a lot catchier than the first. I like the first, but this one might percolate up to the top of the rotation before long.
Serena Maneesh “Serena-Maneesh” (2006)genre: Shoegazer.
Tahiti 80 “Fosbury” (2006)genre: French Indie Pop.
Joan As Police Woman “Real Life” (2006)genre: Modern Torch Song. I’m officially obsessed with this album and this Joan policewoman person. It’s captivated me enough that I searched online for lyrics, to understand what makes this policewoman tick. After reading them…well, I’ll be honest…I have no clue what the girl is saying. I mean absolutely no idea, other than stuff about being in and out of love, I think. Nevertheless, her voice and music are doing it for me right now. As luck would have it, she’s coming to The Doug Fir Sep 4. Barring a business trip, I’ll profess my love for her then.

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