September 9, 2007

Music Rotation — 3 Sep

Posted in music at 6:36 pm by berzerkeleyan

For the week, a short list:

Joan As Police Woman “Real Life” (2006)genre: Modern Torch Song. I saw JAPW this past week at The Doug Fir. Considering how much I like this album, I was very excited to see them live. Amazingly, only about thirty other people were equally as enthusiastic. The intimacy was the best of any show I’ve ever been to. However, the band was merely okay. There was nothing inspired about their performance. I think the less than stellar attendance must have affected them. Oh well.
Led Zeppelin “Led Zeppelin II” (1969)genre: Rock.
Garbage “Version 2.0” (1998)genre: Angry Grrl. In 1998, there was no album I listened to more than this one. It’s still great.
Phoenix “Alphabetical” (2004)genre: French Alternative Pop.
Tahiti 80 “Wallpaper For the Soul” (2002)genre: French Alternative Pop.
The Subways “Young For Eternity” (2005)genre: British Power Pop.

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