November 8, 2007

The Past, Repeated

Posted in politics at 10:19 pm by berzerkeleyan

In the coming years, there will be many books written about our escapades in Iraq. But why wait? Go get yourself a copy of “The Perfect War” by James William Gibson. Although the book was originally published in 1986, and is about the Vietnam War, I suspect many of the events that happened then are being repeated right now — the vast corruption by the government installed by us there, the thriving black markets, civilian deaths, the clandestine interrogation programs, what demographics comprise of our fighting forces there, and our unbelievable arrogance that U.S. technological superiority would prevail quickly.

The book is dense; a real academic snoozefest. But it was a worthwhile read, if only to show how difficult it can sometimes be to not repeat a mistake.