November 25, 2007

Music Rotation — 19 Nov

Posted in music at 6:16 pm by berzerkeleyan

This week:

Ash “Free All Angels” (2001)genre: Britpop.
Khonnor “Handwriting” (2004)genre: Hi-Fi Indie Fuzz.
The Arcade Fire “Neon Bible” (2007)genre: Indie Chamber Rock.
Kraftwerk “Autobahn” (1974)genre: Early Electronica.
Band Of Horses “Everything All The Time” (2006)genre: American Indie Rock.
Dead Can Dance “Toward The Within” (1994)genre: World Music.
The The “Mind Bomb” (1989)genre: Modern Rock.
Muse “Black Holes & Revelations” (2006)genre: Space Metal.
Iron Maiden “Powerslave” (1986)genre: Metal. Before this week, I hadn’t listened to this album in almost twenty years. Wow, has time flown! And yes (!), this album has aged well.
Bon Jovi “7800° Fahrenheit” (1985)genre: Hair Metal. I have no shame. So what if I listen to Bon Jovi every once in a while? I’m impervious to ridicule!
Snoop Dogg “Doggystyle” (2001)genre: Hip Hop.
Delays “You See Colours” (2006)genre: British Pop.

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