June 16, 2008

Music Rotation — 9 Jun

Posted in music at 10:48 pm by berzerkeleyan

For the week:

Steely Dan “Aja” (1977)genre: Rock Jazz.
Black Box “Dreamland” (1990)genre: House.
The Black Angels “Directions To See A Ghost” (2008 )genre: Neo-60’s Psychedelic Rock. I was there. I was inside the Doug Fir as the opening act, The Warlocks, began to play (awesome, BTW). And then my friend called to say he couldn’t get in because the show sold out. So rather than have him trudge back home dejected, I decided to bag the show and join him for dinner. A real bummer, since I was looking forward to seeing them again. At least he bought me a drink for missing the show.
Joan As Police Woman “To Survive” (2008 )genre: Modern Torch Song. If it’s possible, this album is even more introspective than her debut. I’m not sure I’ll like this one as much, but I like what I’ve heard so far.
The Stills “Logic Will Break Your Heart” (2003)genre: Post-Punk Revival.
Kent “Tillbaka Till Samtiden” (2007)genre: Swedish BritPop. Their lead guitarist left the group before this album was recorded. His absence is clear. Without him, this band sounds totally different. Their signature guitar sound has instead been replaced by a lot of electronica. The change in instrumentation affects the style, almost to the point of it sounding like European Dance music. But not quite. This is still an excellent album. Recommended.
Damien Rice “O” (2003)genre: Folk.
Stone Temple Pilots “Tiny Music…Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop” (1996)genre: Grunge.
Arctic Monkeys “Favourite Worst Nightmare” (2007)genre: British Power Pop.
Ratt “Out Of The Cellar” (1984)genre: Hair Metal.
Athlete “Tourist” (2005)genre: Emoschlock.
Asia “Asia” (1982)genre: 80’s Prog Rock.
Robert Plant and Alison Krauss “Raising Sand” (2007)genre: Americana.

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