July 25, 2008

Elbow Update II

Posted in injury at 8:29 am by berzerkeleyan

A few points:

  • The picture above is an X-ray of my elbow, taken yesterday. You should be able to see the three pins that were used to reattach the radial head. According to my doctor, the bone looks great.
  • What you don’t see are the three screws that were used to reattach each ligament. That’s because the screws are biodegradable, and are only meant as an initial anchor point for the ligaments. By the time the body clears the screws, the ligaments will have attached to the bone, and scarred over.
  • I started physical therapy last week. My physical therapist, like all the people who’ve helped me throughout this, is wonderful. Though she’s brought me to tears with the amount of pain she’s inflicted, I know it’s only going to help me in the end.
  • If a 90 degree bend at the elbow is my starting point, after a week I can extend my arm to 130 degrees, and flex it to 75 degrees. Everyone seems to think I’m ahead of schedule. So I’m happy. Really sore, but happy.
  • I can rotate my wrist palm up pretty well already. Palm down? Nothin’! That’s probably the one movement that I won’t get back completely. But if I can get back 10-15 degrees, I’ll be able to type again without any discomfort.
  • The latest Elbow album, “The Seldom Seen Kid,” has really grown on me. :)

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