February 1, 2009

Music Rotation — 26 Jan

Posted in music at 7:40 pm by berzerkeleyan

For the week:

Talk Talk “Spirit Of Eden” (1988)genre: Ambient New Wave.
Idlewild “Hope Is Important” (1998)genre: Brit Rock.
Punch Brothers “Punch” (2008)genre: Bluegrass.
Paul Weller “22 Dreams” (2008)genre: Mod Rock.
The Black Angels “Passover” (2006)genre: Neo-60’s Psychedelic Rock.
Department Of Eagles “In Ear Park” (2008)genre: Freak Folk. DoE played a show at the Doug Fir this week. It was remarkable. I’ve been thinking about it since. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the opening act, The Cave Singers, were just about as entertaining.
Badly Drawn Boy “About A Boy” (2002)genre: Emoschlock.
Minty Fresh Beats “Jaydiohead” (2009)genre: Hip Hop.
Ra Ra Riot “The Rhumb Line” (2008)genre: American Indie.
Laika “Sounds Of The Satellites” (1997)genre: Dream Pop.
The Style Council “Confessions of a Pop Group” (1988)genre: Pop Jazz.
Turin Brakes “Ether Song” (2003)genre: Modern Folk.
Friendly Fires “Friendly Fires” (2008)genre: Geeky Funk.

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