May 26, 2009

Doves — Wonder Ballroom 22 May

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Last Friday night Doves came past Portland to play a few tunes for us.  They had a great rapport with the audience, and managed to capture their “sound” live (if that makes any sense).  The music was supplemented by a backdrop of old 60’s British film clips (I regret forgetting my camera), which added a richness to the show.  Plus they played for an hour and 40 min.  In other words, they didn’t mail it in.

Here was the setlist (album in parentheses):

  1. Jetstream (“Kingdom of Rust”)
  2. Snowden (“Some Cities”)
  3. “Winter Hill” (“Kingdom of Rust”)
  4. Rise (“Lost Souls”)
  5. Pounding (“The Last Broadcast”)
  6. Almost Forgot Myself (“Some Cities”)
  7. 10:03 (“Kingdom of Rust”)
  8. The Greatest Denier (“Kingdom of Rust”)
  9. Kingdom of Rust (“Kingdom of Rust”)
  10. Ambition (“Some Cities”)
  11. Black and White Town (“Some Cities”)
  12. The Outsiders (“Kingdom of Rust”)
  13. Caught By the River (“The Last Broadcast”)


  1. Firesuite (“Lost Souls”)
  2. Here It Comes (“Lost Souls”)
  3. The Last Broadcast (“The Last Broadcast”)
  4. There Goes the Fear (“The Last Broadcast”)

For both longtime fans and newbies, it was a excellent survey of all their music.  I was especially pleased that they played songs from their first album.  It wasn’t the all-time best show I’ve attended.  But it was a solid showing by one of my favorite bands.


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  1. Stu Lloyd said,

    Wow…..awesome set…..and what a friggin encore. Worth attending just for those last four songs ! Nice.

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