June 21, 2009

Music Rotation — 15 Jun

Posted in music at 2:39 pm by berzerkeleyan

For the week:

James Blackshaw “Litany of Echoes” (2007)genre: Guitar Instrumental.
Mice Parade “Mice Parade” (2007)genre: American Indie.
Pavement “Terror Twilight” (1999)genre: American Indie Rock.
Joan As Police Woman “To Survive” (2008)genre: Modern Torch Song.
Andrés Segovia “Andrés Segovia – The Art of Segovia” (2002)genre: Classical Guitar.
Dennis Wilson “Pacific Ocean Blue” (1977)genre: California Pop.
Arcadia “So Red The Rose” (1985)genre: New Romantic.
Andrew Bird “Noble Beast” (2009)genre: Freak Folk.
Brian Wilson “Smile” (2004)genre: California Pop.
The Specials “The Specials” (1979)genre: Ska.
Magnet “The Simple Life” (2007)genre: Space Folk.
Magnet “On Your Side” (2003)genre: Space Folk.

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  1. castleqwayr said,

    Nice seeing Mr. Blackshaw at the top!

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