August 3, 2009

Music Rotation — 27 Jul

Posted in music at 7:58 am by berzerkeleyan

For the week:

The Boxer Rebellion “Union” (2009)genre: neo-Post Punk Lite.
The Veils “Sun Gangs” (2009)genre: Emoschlock.
Gomez “Bring It On” (1998)genre: British Indie Rock.
Holly Throsby “A Loud Call” (2009)genre: Folk.
The Bird And The Bee “Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future” (2009)genre: Techno Twee Pop. At the rate I’m listening to this, it will be my #1 album of the year. I’m digging it a lot.
David Gray “White Ladder” (2000)genre: Folk Pop.
Gliss “Devotion Implosion” (2009)genre: Shoegazer. Fantastic three-piece outfit from L.A. They played last night at The Doug Fir, opening for The Warlocks and The Morning After Girls. IMO they were the best band of the night. Fans of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club would really like them. Highly recommended.