August 16, 2009

Music Rotation — 10 Aug

Posted in music at 9:13 pm by berzerkeleyan

For the week:

Billy Bragg & Wilco “Mermaid Avenue” (1998)genre: Americana.
Nouvelle Vague “Bande A Part” (2006)genre: Bossa Nova.
Blur “Blur” (1997)genre: Britpop.
Muse “Origin Of Symmetry” (2001)genre: Space Metal. The end of the Oughts is coming up fast. When it’s done, this will be close to the top of my list of favorite albums this decade.
Sara Lov “Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming” (2009)genre: Twee Folk.
Joy Division “Closer” (1980)genre: Post Punk.
Tahiti 80 “Wallpaper For the Soul” (2002)genre: French Alternative Rock.
Mindy Smith “Stupid Love” (2009)genre: Pop Country. This stuff isn’t normally my thing. But I find Mindy Smith’s voice irresistible. It is pure and true.
Steely Dan “Gaucho” (1980)genre: Jazz Rock.

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