December 13, 2009

Top Twenty Albums of the Oughts

Posted in music at 8:35 am by berzerkeleyan

I’m no spring chicken. I can associate key moments of my life with the Punk, Disco, Post Punk, New Wave, New Romantic, Modern Rock, Rap/Hip Hop, Grunge, Alternative, and Britpop eras of years past.  It is with that background that I can say with a large measure of confidence that this has been a very impressive decade for music.  Though I can’t define a dominant genre over the past ten years, that might be due to how diverse the artists on my list are.  The range of musical styles can be directly attributed to the death of radio and the advent of the internet as the primary means by which artists build a fan base.  With so many acts more easily able to reach out and develop an audience, it’s been simply impossible to collect them all.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t try.

Like all lists, it was hard to narrow this one down to just twenty.  Some excellent releases were omitted.  In spite of that, I’m happy with what I put together. Keep in mind that this is by no means meant to resemble an official critic’s list.  It is simply those albums that I listened to the most throughout the decade.

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