April 1, 2007

Blogging Meme

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I was asked to answer the following questions from my best mate, Fridge.

  1. Do you do most of your blogging at home, at work, or at some third space? (A coffee shop, perhaps, or a library. Or a genial tavern.)
    From home. My typical routine is to write on Sunday afternoon. I mostly provide my playlist for the week, and rarely stray past that. There’s nothing else I feel as strongly about (or intelligent enough) to bother writing down.
  2. Desktop or laptop?
    Laptop. It’s an old IBM Thinkpad T30. For what I use it for, I can’t complain.
  3. Mac, Windows, or other?
    Windows XP Pro. I’d love a Mac, but will have to wait until I’m filthy rich before I buy another one.
  4. Is your weblog a solo effort or a group blog?
    A solo effort, done in the half-assed style I’m well known for.
  5. Do you allow comments?
    Yes. Opinions are welcome, though rarely respected. :)
  6. Do you allow trackbacks?
    Yes I do.
  7. Do you have a blogroll?
    Yes. But I try to keep my blog subscriptions to a minimum. Just like anything else, they can be huge time sinks.
  8. What’s your platform – Blogger, Movable Type, WordPress, TypePad, ExpressionEngine, Squarespace, Drupal…
    WordPress. I was a LiveJournal user prior. But I like the WordPress tools better.
  9. Have you given serious thought to switching platforms; if so, why?
    Well, I did switch from LiveJournal to WordPress already. I tried Blogger once. It seems very similar to WordPress. They all seem to be improving quickly.
  10. Who’s your webhost?
  11. Happy with your host, or looking for a change?
    I have no complaints with what’s provided, given the level of effort I give to my blog.
  12. If GenericBigMediaConcern.Com offered you boxes of cash to have your blog incorporated into their online presence (ala Greenwald at Salon or Sullivan at The Atlantic), would you do it?
    If my listening habits were considered interesting enough for someone to pay me to publish them, why would I say no?

I’m passing this to Stu and Amanda. They’re having a grand time traveling New Zealand, and are really taking advantage of the power of blogging to document their adventures.

September 29, 2006

Hello world!

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I’ve been a blogger on Live Journal for a bit. Figured I’d try these blogging tools as well to see which of the two appeals more.