March 28, 2010

Music Rotation — 22 Mar

Posted in music at 9:21 pm by berzerkeleyan

This past week, the following:

Stereophonics “Keep Calm And Carry On” (2009)genre: Lad Rock. A vast improvement over their last, “Pull the Pin.” However, that’s not to say it’s great. It’s merely adequate.
Muse “The Resistance” (2009)genre: Space Metal.
Mew “No More Stories Are Told Today I’m Sorry They Washed Away No More Stories The World Is Grey I’m Tired Let’s Wash Away” (2009)genre: Prog Rock.
The National “Boxer” (2007)genre: American Indie Rock.
Fania All-Stars “¿Qué Pasa?: The Best Of The Fania All-Stars” (1977)genre: Salsa.
Neko Case “Blacklisted” (2002)genre: Country.
Julian Casablancas “Phrazes For The Young” (2009)genre: Neo Wave.
Bryan Adams “Cuts Like A Knife” (1983)genre: Pop Rock.
Andrew Bird “Noble Beast” (2009)genre: Freak Folk.
The Doors “L.A. Woman” (1971)genre: Rock.
Metric “Fantasies” (2009)genre: Neo Wave.
Badly Drawn Boy “The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast” (2000)genre: Chamber Pop.
Paul Weller “22 Dreams” (2008)genre: Mod Rock.
Dustin O’Halloran “Piano Solos” (2004)genre: Classical.
Tears For Fears “The Hurting” (1983)genre: Modern Rock.
Florence + The Machine “Lungs” (2009)genre: Baroque Pop.
The White Stripes “Elephant” (2003)genre: Garage Rock.