May 6, 2009

The Money Shot

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The Money Shot, originally uploaded by Out and Aboot the World.

Mount Ngauruhoe, New Zealand, taken March 26, 2009, halfway through the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, 1750m (5741ft) above sea level. You can see the trail we took at the base of the mountain, as well as Mount Taranaki in the background to the right..

Mount Ngauruhoe is considered a young volcano, with a fairly recent history of eruptions. The last one was in 1975. But its neighbors have erupted as recently as 2007. Since I hiked the trail at the end of the New Zealand summer, the mountain is devoid of snow. But during the winter, it is completely covered in white powder.

April 6, 2009

New Zealand — Brooklyn Hill Panorama

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Brooklyn Hill Panorama, originally uploaded by Out and Aboot the World.

I just got back from a three week vacation in New Zealand. I took quite a few photos, and will be posting some of the best ones over the next couple of weeks.

The photo above is a composite. Unfortunately, it’s been shrunk down significantly, so the details are lost. But I can assure you that the view atop Brooklyn Hill was awesome. If you want a slightly bigger image, click here.

March 26, 2009

Hey, Where’ve You Been?

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…doing this:

They say New Zealand is the Adventure Capital of the World. Well, “when in Rome…”