April 19, 2010

Music Rotation — 12 Apr

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For the week:

Serena-Maneesh “S-M 2: Abyss In B Minor” (2010)genre: Shoegazer.
Zero 7 “When It Falls” (2004)genre: Downtempo.
Athlete “Black Swan” (2010)genre: Emoschlock. Athlete has fully embraced the treacliness that now dominates the landscape that was once Britpop. If you liked the cheekiness that oozed from their debut, you won’t find a hint of it here. Still, this is a fairly decent album if your goal is to woo a lady.
Vadoinmessico “Vadoinmessico – Ep” (2009)genre: Folk.
Turin Brakes “Outbursts” (2010)genre: Folk.
Spoon “Transference” (2010)genre: American Indie Rock.
Pet Shop Boys “Behaviour” (1990)genre: Synthpop. Probably…
Pet Shop Boys “Nightlife” (1999)genre: . …my two favorite PSB albums.
Camera Obscura “My Maudlin Career” (2009)genre: Twee Pop.

April 12, 2010

Music Rotation — 5 Apr

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For the week:

“O Brother, Where Art Thou?” Soundtrack (2000)genre: Bluegrass.
The Bird And The Bee “Interpreting the Masters Volume 1: A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates” (2010)genre: Bliss Pop.
Turin Brakes “Outbursts” (2010)genre: Folk. Turin Brakes go back to simpler arrangements with this one. Nice, though not spectacular.
Oasis “Don’t Believe The Truth” (2005)genre: Brit Pop.
Kent “Röd” (2009)genre: Swedish Electro Pop. This falls flat for me. I simply don’t feel the magic here.
Metric “Live It Out” (2005)genre: Neo Wave.
Vadoinmessico “Vadoinmessico – EP” (2009)genre: Folk. This has been the nicest revelation this year. The band members are from all over the world. Consequently, their sound is a unique international spin on traditional folk music. Very highly recommended.
Serena-Maneesh “S-M 2: Abyss In B Minor” (2010)genre: Shoegazer. This is the latest from one of my favorite bands at the moment. Though it’s not blowing me away just yet, I have a feeling it’ll grow on me.
‘Til Tuesday “Welcome Home” (1986)genre: Anti-Prozac Pop.
White Lies “To Lose My Life…” (2009)genre: Neo Post Punk.
The Cardigans “Gran Turismo” (1998)genre: Electronic Pop.
The Cars “Candy-O” (1979)genre: New Wave.
Department Of Eagles “In Ear Park” (2008)genre: Freak Folk.

April 5, 2010

Music Rotation — 29 Mar

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This week:

Metric “Fantasies” (2009)genre: Neo Wave.
Snow Patrol “A Hundred Million Suns” (2008)genre: Emoschlock.
Ian Brown “Solarized” (2004)genre: British Techno-Psychedelia.
Terence Trent D’Arby “Symphony Or Damn” (1993)genre: R&B.
Tim Buckley “Dream Letter” (1990)genre: Folk.
Muse “The Resistance” (2009)genre: Space Metal.
The Horrors “Primary Colours” (2009)genre: Gothic Shoegazer.
Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucas “Songs To No One” (2002)genre: American Indie Rock.
Kent “Verkligen” (1996)genre: Swedish Britpop.
Patrick Watson “Wooden Arms” (2009)genre: Canadian Indie Rock.
Magnet “The Simple Life” (2007)genre: Space Folk.