July 1, 2007

Music Rotation — 25 June

Posted in music at 1:29 pm by berzerkeleyan

This past week:

Gomez “How We Operate” (2006)genre: BritPop/Emoschlock.
Devics “Push the Heart” (2006)genre: Mouse Folk. This is a good CD to play when winding down the night. Sad, twee, and pleasant.
Love “Forever Changes” (1967)genre: 60’s Flower Power.
Ian Brown “Solarized” (2004)genre: British Techno-Psychedelia.
Khonnor “Handwriting” (2004)genre: Lo-Fi Indie Fuzz.
Asia “Asia” (1982)genre: 80’s Prog Rock.
New Radicals “Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too” (1998)genre: American BritPop. One and done for this band.
The Lovetones “Meditations” (2005)genre: neo-60’s Pop.
Everything But The Girl “Temperamental” (1999)genre: Techno-Folk.
Ratt “Out Of The Cellar” (1984)genre: Hair Metal.
The Black Angels “Passover” (2006)genre: neo-60’s Psychedelia.
Bruce Springsteen “Darkness On the Edge of Town” (1978)genre: Rock.

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